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The basic crunch

The crunch is a great way to optimally train the middle abs. This ab workout is one of the best ab exercises to do at home and is most used to intensively train the middle abs. The crunch can be used for developing either a six pack or a flat stomach.

By doing the crunch regularly, a great result can be achieved in a short period of time. It is important, though, to execute the home ab workout in a correct manner.

Step 1:

Start in the correct position on the floor: Lay down on the back and keep the knees bent. Place your hands on your chest; crossed, behind the head or lightly resting on your thighs. Do not join your hands (this is one of the most commonly made mistakes).

Step 2:

Flex your abs and bring your shoulders up. The lower back must stay on the ground during the whole workout.

Step 3:

When the whole upper body is in the air, hold this position at least 1 second. After, gently lower the upper body back to the starting position. As soon as the shoulders hit the ground, come up and repeat the home ab workout. How many times? Check out the ab workout plan

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