Monday , March 30 2020
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The V-up


The V-up is a tough ab exercise to do at home, training both the upper abs and lower abs. Like all other ab workouts, execution is very important. Next to this position on the floor plays a big part in this home ab work out. Step 1: Lay on the ...

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The sit-up


The sit up is one of the most famous ab workouts and a nice ab exercise to do at home. Not for any reason, the sit up is a very effective workout to train the middle abs. The sit up can be perfectly combined with the basic crunch. Step 1: ...

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The basic crunch


The crunch is a great way to optimally train the middle abs. This ab workout is one of the best ab exercises to do at home and is most used to intensively train the middle abs. The crunch can be used for developing either a six pack or a flat ...

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